Not a bug Problem with game update.


Pokémon Ranger
I have a problem with updating the game. When I turn on the game and want to connect with Jolt, I get an inscription"Server time out".
It turns out that I have an older version. When I turn it on updater i see:

"Current version : indev 0,54,1a
Newest version : indev 0,54,2"

After asking if I want to update, I press yes. I download the latest version, I copy files and it's still the same.
Can someone guide me what I am doing wrong and tell me step by step what should I do? This game is new to me and I do not know what to do to make it good.


Pokémon Ranger
Ok, it's working. I do not know why these errors were. Either server time out or problem with the version. After hours of trials, I managed to run the game in the correct version. :) Thank you and I apologize for the problem :)